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    I keep reading that people are using a MicroSD to MiniSD adapter so they can use the Micro 8GB cards. I just can't seem to find any. Ideally i'd like to find the bundle that goes micro to mini to SD..Any suggestions?

    Thanks all
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    I've had a lot of trouble with some that I got on eBay. You wouldn't think they could mess up a piece of molded plastic with some metal strips inside, but it's they can.

    I've got a couple of micro-to-mini adapters that I got in kits with cards and they work much better. If you scout around, you might find a kit with a MicroSD, a Micro-to-Mini adapter, and a mini-to-full or micro-to-full adapter. If you can find one with a low-capacity card, it might be cheap enough to buy for the adapter and throw away the card.
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    I ended up with this one, and it works great!

    Thanks for the replies!

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