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    My client says in the pasts two weeks, he's suddenly hearing the voice of someone from 911 asking what is wrong. He sates with his phone display in off mode, and Keyguard on, and password protected, his Treo 680 is pocket dialing 112 (Emergency service), but he swears he's not hitting anything. I thought maybe he had a speed dial in place, but he swears he doesn't. Then I thought Anyone ever hear of anything like that?

    Any input/feedback is much appreciated.
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    Yup, mines done that at least once. I never found the combination of keys that does it but I believe if certain keys are pressed for a duration then despite the keyboard lock it'll attempt to dial your emergency services number.

    Turns out, holding '9' when the keyguard is visible will unlock and enter the number for emergency services for me in the UK (999). It doesn't actually dial the number, but I'm sure in my pocket it the green button could get pressed quite easily after this.
    (It accepts the numbers 999 and 112 for me)
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    Wow. Thanks for the info. I appreciate the feedback. So he's not going crazy, and neither am I. Thanks again!


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