Recently ran down the battery (overnight) on my 700p (Sprint) and upon recharging, have been stuck in a weird reset mode.

The phone turns on without network access just fine. No resets. When I turn on network access (connect to Sprint), it connects. When the proper amount of time for power save mode passes, instead of blanking the screen, it does a soft reset and comes back up disconnected from Sprint.

It took me a couple resets to figure out that was what was happening.

So, I thought I'd hit to power switch to manually go to blank-screen mode to see what happens. Well, it stays connected. And I received a text message that had been queued up for me. Weirder. When I went to the menu to read the text message, soft reset! The is repeatable 100% of the time now. Though sometimes it comes up and connects and sometimes it comes up disconnected and doesn't connect.

I've tested sending a text message to the phone, but now don't get anything.

Going into power-save mode from timeout now no longer prompts a soft reset. I can make a call out. I can receive a call with the screen blanked. But no text messaging.

Anyone seen this before. Any ideas?