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    My Treo 680 has started opening HotSync unexpectedly and displaying the "connecting with the desktop using Cradle/cable" message. When I eventually get this to cancel, the message "The connecton between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again." is displayed. However, after clicking ok at this screen, the whole procedure starts over again. I'm not trying to sync (and usually sync by bluetooth anyway), so does anyone know what could be the problem?

    (I had my phone with me for the last day of school today, we got into a water fight in a park. Didnt have my phone on me, it was on a bench nearby. is it possible some water couldve somehow gotten up into the sync cable connector and is causing this problem? It only started doing this earlier.)

    It also now appears that menus and windows that are used to enter information instantly close after opening. For example, I completely reset the phone and got to the screen where it asks you to set up the language and then the time etc. When I select set manually, the menu will close before I have time to enter a time or choose a location.

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    I can say is try drying it out. Leave it sit in a warm area or where there is good air movement. I got my 680 wet slightly when it was in my pocket once. The Treo got damp but enough to take out keyboard. I tried drying it for some time and even a hair dryer but not luck. I got a warranty replacement in the end and watched ever since.

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