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    Unable to receive MMS msgs on AT&T unlocked 650. SMS works fine. MMS used to work OK before recently doing hard reset on phone because it had developed too many other software conflict problems. Wiping and reloading was way overdue.

    Have spent hours with AT&T tech support who say they tracked MMS messages they sent to me and all looked OK.

    Would appreciate any suggestions. Also, is there another MMS client that can be loaded to take the place of the ROM based program?


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    Im having the exact same problem , but without a hard reset. MMS messages just quit coming through on unlocked Treo 650. (Also on AT&T) SMS and internet browsing both work fine.If anybody has any ideas --please share.
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    I suspect this has already been done, but just in case . . .

    Check under Preferences --> Network --> Service and make sure that it is set to communicate with your service provider.

    I don't have a data package on my phone and use Blue Tooth between my phone and PC to sync my RSS feeds and other various activities. However, I have noticed that when I don't switch it back to my provider's service (I have Verizon so it's National Access) I can't receive or send MMS messages. However, I get text messages and phone calls just fine.
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

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