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    hello, I do not know why, my 755p keep collecting dust in the display.. whenever I used to go to sprint store, they swapped me out with new one since I have insurance. now they are telling me I have to go directly to palm.

    is that right? or should I go complain?
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    Who's insurance? if you're paying Sprint insurance then I would imagine they are reaponsible. I have heard Sprint has made a turn for the worse in custommer support, I'm not sure ants tore will help you but you may have to go to the insurance co
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    yes, I do have insurance through sprint... their customer service is getting worse and worse... maybe I should head over there one more time. anywho, I'm waiting till new 800w or HTC mogule replacement.. if those are good then i'll stay with sprint. otherwise mrore likely to head over for BB or Iphone. ughh. I'm somewhat getting sick of sprint. :/
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    I'm not sure why you are getting dust under the screen. You might ask them why, is it something you can help prevent so you don't have problems.

    As far as Customer Service goes, I have found nothing but improvements in it when dealing with them, so"heard turn for the worse" is not necessarily a good observation from anyone unless you can state specifics.

    Sounds like they kept swapping you out trying to make you happy, asky why versus complaining.

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