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    Shot in the dark here.... does anyone know if Chattermail will sync only those emails in a Gmail account that have specific tags? I turned down a blackberry from my company b/c I have only occasional need for phone email - I'd rather them pay for my Centro (longtime treo user). But my company's Lotus Notes servers inaccessible from my Centro, so in order to get mail I've set up the usual hack where I forward non-confidential mail to my gmail account. When mail comes in from my corporate server, I have a gmail filter set up that automatically tags it as "Initech" and archives it.

    What I'd like to do is have a chattermail account that looks only at the items taggeed "Initech". Under the account settings->Define I see:
    • Complete Server Folder Name ("inbox" by default)

    • Root(Opt) (blank by default)

    I've fiddled with these settings with no luck. Is this a lost cause? Any ideas? TIA.
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    If I understand you right, when a work email comes into your GMail account, you are having it moved to a folder called "Initech" Its an easy fix in Chatter. Go into Chatter and be in your Gmail account, then select MENU>BOX>NEW MAILBOX. Under COMPLETE SERVER FOLDER NAME, select the archive folder where Gamil is dropping your Initech messages.

    Adjust the rest of the mailbox setting just as you would to create a new account. With the MAILBOX control, you can take any folder in your Gmail's folder tree and create a separate inbox in Chatter, each with its own separate sync options.
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    Thanks cgordonn... that's perfect, and exactly what I was looking to do!

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