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    My hearing isn't so good, but there are two noises that I find get my attention instantly: my name being spoken, and my cat's insistent "conversation." Since my solution right now is to have the volume on my Centro ringer cranked super-high, which tends to freak out people around me, I'd like to do a couple of custom ringtones.

    I'm not sure of the most efficient way to do this, and was hoping somebody would help out with a step-by-step guide. I don't mind spending a little money, for a ringtone manager for instance, but if I don't need to, even better.

    Anybody interested in helping out?
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    The Centro has a built in way to record a voice ring tone.
    Preferences > Sounds & Alerts > Manage > New > Record.
    You can then go back and pick that as your ring tone.
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    Just discovered no need to but a ringtone manager if you want mp3 ring tones on your Centro.

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    Oh wow. That is an incredible link. I never knew about that.

    I'm guessing that sufficient for you, wilder, but if you do want to go the third party application route, Ringo Pro, is the one that I believe most people use.

    It's very easy to set midi and mp3 ringtones, text alerts, and pictures to individuals or groups, and the ringtones/alerts can be accessed from your card without having to move it.
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    I would recommend downloading a copy of Minitones or Musictones. They are freeware apps that will enable you to download a MP3 song, edit it and trim it on your card, and then place it on your device to use as a ringtone.

    Here is a tutorial on Minitones:



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