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    Often, when I get email on my Centro from either of my Gmail accounts, the message only comes in with the subject header (and sometimes the first line of the message). I do have the settings to get the entire message.
    Sometimes it tells me the message is truncated and gives me an option to download the rest of it; however, when I do this, although it looks like it's downloading data, nothing comes in. Other times, it doesn't even tell me the message is truncated. And still other times, it downloads entire messages just fine.
    This doesn't seem to have anything to do with how long the message is, who it's from, whether it is a string, etc.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? It's obviously VERY frustrating since it means I have to get to a computer to read a lot of my mail.
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    I have also been having this problem and can not figure out why this happens. I did notice that Gmail hides the messages when they are a part of a string and thus it must be downloading the IMAP messages in this format. Before it was sporadic, lately its been almost every message. I actually started using the Gmail Java Midlet to check my emails and that seems to work, even though its a bit slower. Of course you have to have JVM for it to work though. If anyone figures this out let me know. Would be nice to be able to use Versamail to read my messages again.
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    what app are you using?
    im assuming versamail or sprint email?

    its definately that.

    I use chatter email and i have never had any problems with my gmail account what so ever
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    I remember not having this problem with Chatter as well. But I just couldn't bring myself to paying $40 for it so I took a shot and installed Versamail 4.0 on my 700P and have been running it flawlessly for the last 4 months, with the exception of the Gmail issue which was bearable until lately.
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    Yes, it's VersaMail (I have AT&T). If the answer is switching to Chatter then I will pay the $, but I would like to be sure that will solve the problem.

    And Babywayne; you're right, it has definitely gotten worse than it was initially.
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    Versamail is way messed up lately! My gmail emails are always truncated and then when I download the rest of message it acts like it is then nothing changes. Switched to chattermail for now. Really was liking versamail too. Finally got chattermail set up. Miss the simplicity of versamail though.
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    I downloaded the trial version of Chatter last night and that does seem to take care of the problem, so I'll buy it...but yeah, there are definitely things about Versa that I miss already.
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    Does anybody with these problems have a second IMAP account? Is it also happening with that account?
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    I had the same problem with the sprint mobile email app and versamail.

    I now use the sprint mobile email app problem free, the trick is to not use the built in settings for gmail, so setup your account, and click on "other email" (instead of gmail, aol, etc), and then manually type in the imap settings and it should work.
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    My Versamail and Gmail IMAP account is also experiencing this problem with the nearly blank emails (subject and maybe the first line).
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    Does anybody with these problems have a second IMAP account? Is it also happening with that account?
    Yes, I have one regular Gmail account and one that is set up through work (so it's Gmail, but doesn't have a Gmail address). The problem was happening with both of them.

    As of last night I have Chatter installed (trial version) and the problem seems to be solved. I'm on AT&T so I don't know a free way around this, unfortunately.
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    i think its a versamail issue.

    Switched over to Chatter for this reason. Too bad though because i was pretty satisfied with VM, especially after the Centro update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    i think its a versamail issue.

    Switched over to Chatter for this reason. Too bad though because i was pretty satisfied with VM, especially after the Centro update.
    Well, combo of Gmail/Versamail issue.

    That's the downside of Gmail being in "beta"--they can and do routinely change code (I mean, it was working up till recently...).

    Hopefully Palm will tweak it on their end to get this working again (I have the same issue--very frustrating).

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    just do what i said earlier it works for both me and my gf's centro
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    Yes, but this doesn't work if you are on AT&T.
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    you know what ... ?
    I've trying to figure it out by making some experiment.
    At first it was only HTML type mail that can't be downloaded, either truncated or blank. now ... All type of mails can't be downloaded.

    I live on the opposite site of your continent, GMT+7.
    And have similar problem. At first, I was thinking that it was my cell provider that blocking the way around the email.

    I have reported this to Palm official forum ...
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    I am not seeing this problem on html email through my two email accounts (not GMail). I noticed that some people with snappermail were also seeing glitches with gmail although I think its pop related. Did gmail change something recently?
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    I choose to keep "free" instead of "using" Chatter or Snapper Mail, they're expensive. I have convert .jar file GMail Mobile Apps 1.5 into .prc file recently.
    You need to install JVM first.

    The upsides are you can search mail, see the chat/threaded email. Gmail 1.5 was said faster and leaner (using less data) than its previous version.
    The downsides are that you can't set a schedule to check email, GMail 1.5 don't run in background. Also since Gmail Apps is Java type, you will have to deal with many "junk" files inside the internal memory like J9RMS 1234567 and so ...
    note: Creator ID is jG15 --stand for java Gmail v 1.5

    here is the screen shot

    I've uploaded GMail 1.5 PRC file here

    Notice In Gmail Menu > Go To > Setting > if you choose [v] "always keep me signed in", it will load the previous Gmail database thus run faster.

    One last tips -- to counter the Flickering effect when running Gmail
    from Palm Preferences > IBM Java VM > Choose GMail 1.5 >
    tick [v] Use Double Buffering

    happy GMailing !!

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    visit my blog
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    It wouldn't surprise me if Gmail is the problem, as there are known bugs and problems with their implementation of IMAP:
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    Use Snapper Mail Enterprise addition.. It works miraculously well.
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