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    Hello all. I was hoping someone could give me a suggestion as to where I could go next with this problem.

    I noticed that my centro was not getting nearly as much battery life as it used to, so I installed Power Hero and discovered that it was not going to sleep, just rem sleep, so it was draining ~80mA when it was off.

    After some research, it seemed like it might be Softick Audio Gateway, so I uninstalled it, and the batery issue went away. Well, that sucks, so I emailed Softick support and they were no help.

    Two days later, power drain issue is back. More research. It was WatchMaker. Again, sucks, but ok, I'll find a different alarm program.

    Now, it's back again. I've been using PalmInternals a bit, and as I understand it, the REMq category is what prevents full sleep mode. All I have listed there is Power Hero and Chatter. I've eliminated Chatter as a possibility already. So, that leaves Power Hero, which would be a terrible, terrible irony.

    I'm now out of ideas. Help? I'd appreciate any ideas on what the problem is or suggestions of how to continue my search.


    Here's a list of programs I installed.
    Reset Doctor
    Phone Technician
    Power Hero
    Noah Dictionary
    Noah Thesaurus (or whatever it's called)
    Phone Switch
    DBL Plus
    Destaller Lite
    Sound Recorder
    Flight Status
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    Software compatibility list is graciously hosted at You are welcome to report your findings and experience as the list is entirely based on end user reports.
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    i would do a hard reset and install each one by one.

    From what it looks like, you have ALOT of apps that like to take up alot of memory and run in the backround.

    Everything on ur list from NVbackup to Accessorizer could be causing it or a combination of them conflicting.
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    Thanks for the replies!

    @detective - If and when I figure this out, I will be sure to do so.

    @Carbone - Could you explain a bit more? How would the programs I have stop the centro from sleeping? I understand how a single program could, but how does a lack of memory/running in the background/conflicting programs? Could you give an example?

    I uninstalled everything (with destaller) except for Power Hero, and the problem is still there, so it's either some crap left over by a program, or it's actually the Palm software / a setting of some kind. ...Or Power Hero. But I installed that to get RID of the problem.

    It will probably come down to installing programs one by one, but since it does not start until days after changing things, that could take a while.

    Please god someone have another idea.
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    I just realized this probably belongs in another forum, like oh, say Palm OS Apps... I'm not sure what I was thinking. What's proper etiquette for that around here? Sorry!
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    As long as you have a good backup, try a hard reset without installing anything and see if it is still there. If yes, your phone is defective. If not, add things one at a time and test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    As long as you have a good backup, try a hard reset without installing anything and see if it is still there. If yes, your phone is defective. If not, add things one at a time and test.

    Yea im confused on what ur using to come to this conclusion of it not "sleeping"?

    is the screen always staying on or something?
    Power Hero is telling you this?
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    Yeah, the Power Hero log shows that it enters REM sleep, but not Sleep. The power drain is in the 75-85mA range when not in use, when it should be (and is, after a hard reset) in the 3-11mA range.

    Here's something odd, though. So, yesterday I uninstalled everything except power hero, and I still had the problem. Then, at some point, it went away. Back to 3mA. I'm so confused.
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    I'm seeing similar issues with my Centro as well. last week it was going a full day with push e-mail and just a few voice calls. This morning after 2 hours I was down to 80% with only one quick call and a low volume of e-mail. I see some higher power draws displaying in powerHero that don't correlate to phone calls or times that I might have been in a weak signal area.
    Mark Bergman
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    This has been analyzed and discussed in these forums (esp. with the 680). Search for "The Glen Phenomenon." It has nothing to do with the software installed, but with how the radio handles call terminations. It appears to affect Treo 680s and now the Centro.

    I faced the dissappointing battery life (80%-90% drain in 5 hours) from day one and have opened a support dialog with Palm. From their response I guess they are well aware of this problem (and they should be, too).

    Having said that, I hard reset the device several times and re-installed all the apps (as suggested by Palm) yesterday. Today the battery life has been near to that of my Treo 650, and that's something. ChatterEmail has been active all the time, and I've been constantly powering-up to check the battery life, and also messing around with PowerHero (also active).

    I really hope Palm will get on it and fix this problem quickly.
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    and to throw in also signal quality issues. Ben

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