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    I'm looking to buy headphones for my 680. I'm not interested in bluetooth or headphones that have the clip on it. It doesn't have to be "hybrid", b/c i'm really just looking for headphones to listen to music/movies, not talk on the phone and I don't want to have to carry an adapter +headphones. The ones advertised on treocentral review poorly. What kind are you using, any suggestions?
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    The headphones you recommended....does it include the smaller earbuds? I have the ones from Palm for the Centro but the earbuds are too large and it is painful!
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    I have been using for a few weeks now, and these sound great, and I am fairly particular in my audio equipment.

    For fit, I can let the buds hang on my outer ear lobe, or for noisier conditions (bus or subway) I have them face forward and press slightly into the ear canal.

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