Hi, I've been reading the post here for awhile, and have learn alot from everyone.

I'm hoping someone can help with my problem; I use chatter to access my work email, I first did it setup for IMAP(I am able to access my via OWA on a PC) this worked for a few weeks, then it kept saying "Can't connect"

I then deleted that mailbox and set the account for Microsoft Exchange Account, and it is able to conect, login... then I get the envelope icon, and the lock(SSL), but the problem is that it will not refresh, if I delete the account, and re-do it, it will download the mail, and when it's time to sync, it will not refresh (EX: if I deleted all mail, all receive new mail via OWA, Chatter will not show it, still only shows the mail downloaded when it synced from the original setup).

I do have the EXSend & EXSync files installed also.

Sorry to be so long winded, but wanted you all to have the facts, and am hoping that someone can help.