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    I have TomTom Navigator 6 for Palm in my Treo 650 working with the included Sirf III GPS Bluetooth Receiver for Palm. I wish to know pl whether any other GPS receiver will also work on the TomTom maps or only the Palm GPS will work when used with the Treo 650.
    Thanks very much.
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    ... whether any other GPS receiver will also work on the TomTom ...[?]
    Yes. The OEM for the Palm GPS unit is Holux. My palm GPS was starting to misbehave last year and I really rely on the GPS for my travels, so I needed a replacement.

    So I went to Amazon and ordered a Holux M1000 from buygpsnow for about $50. When it arrived, I paired it with my Treo 650 and it's worked like a charm ever since. That was back in early Dec 2007.


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    Thanks for the response. The present receiver that came with the kit is working okay except that it sometimes takes its own sweet time locating satellites. The real reason I'm looking for another is for the convenience of keeping one in each of my 2 cars. With this in mind, will the Treo's Bluetooth connectivity setup have to be reset each time I change from one GPS Receiver to the other one or can both Receivers be used with the same Bluetooth settings in the Treo.
    Thanks again.
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    You're welcome.

    The TomTom Navigator app on your Treo will likely ask to connect to the new GPS receiver each time you move to the other receiver. For example, if you go back to the same car with the same receiver, you won't get a request, it will just B/T sync and start working. However, when you go to the other car with the other GPS receiver, Navigator will take you to the B/T setup and request to find a "new" GPS receiver (BTW, the 4-digit sync code is identical to all GPS receivers).

    When you look at your "Trusted Devices" on your Treo you should see one labelled "Palm GPS" (which should be your current one). When you get the Holux M1000 you'll see another called "HOLUX_M-1000", so it should be a simple switch between the two.



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