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    Yes!!! It is finally here:

    Please post feedback or other comments in the above thread.

    Game over!
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    Looks cool...any word on a CDMA version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by acousticbiker View Post
    Looks cool...any word on a CDMA version?
    The SDK header files indicate that there are some calls that make location information available on CDMA devices, but unfortunately, I don't have a CDMA device to try it out... and the simulators are useless for this. Even if I were to purchase a CDMA Centro, I'd have no way of activating it here. A powered-on and registered phone is important for development.

    It could be as trivial as replacing the (GSM) GID with the CDMA location information... or not!!!

    Thanks for your interest, I'll keep my eyes and ears open on this.
    Game over!
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    Any way it will display cell ID on the Centro "home" screen at all? Donation will be available if this can be done!
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    Released v2.6, with important enhancements. See the Version History.



    John Phillips>>>
    If you make that donation, I'll see if I feel like looking into what you have mentioned.
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    I'm thinking of renaming this application "Centroid" from future releases... is that a good name for this utility?
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    TreoSpot is now Centroid.


    Please post any comments in the above thread.
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    Updated to v2.9

    Release Notes:
    • Support for user defined "Zones." This is the most significant feature added to Centroid/ TreoSpot since v2.0.


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