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    Hello everyone.

    When i received any incoming call then my application is launched and its screen is showing with the time. And when I close this screen I can see phone applications screen with the info of current call. This is OK.

    But when I make a call or dial a number then when that call is attended/Received my application starts and showing its screen. Here it is OK but when I close its screen I see the phone applications screen with the info of call But its timer now starts.

    So the problem is when I dial a number, my application is working but on closing its screen phone application's timer is not working properly.
    I am using phnLibLaunchCmdEvent and related APIS.

    Please help me as soon as posible.

    Thanks alot
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    Does this happen after the device has been backed up and a hard reset executed with no sync done? Ben
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    I think it is not clear to you. Phone application is correct. It works well when my application is not in the device.

    But if my application is there in the device and if any incoming call comes then as soon as i attend the incming call my application starts. When I close it in the backend phone application is running and showing the correct time for the call which is in the process.

    But if I dialled a number and it is attended at other end then my application launched. When i close it, phone applications screen showed the time starting from 0:0 then onwards untill call is disconnected.

    This is the problem.for incoming call i am receiving these events-

    But for outgoing call i am receiving-

    Please tell me if it is still not clear. Or give me some suggetion soon.

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