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    I copied a 701M avi file and two small (50M) mpg files onto my MicroSD card, but when I tried to play the large avi file by clicking it in Files, there was an error message, saying

    "Unable to display this video. It may be too large, corrupted or stored in an incompatible format."

    Could anyone recommend a good player that plays large avi files?

    Thanks in advance.
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    TCPMP (need additional plugins also), Core Player, Kinoma.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papped View Post
    TCPMP (need additional plugins also), Core Player, Kinoma.
    Kinoma Player doesn't play AVI files. However, you can stream AVI files to Kinoma Player using Orb (free).

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    You can also always use an app like SPB Mobile DVD to convert your movies to the right resolution and format pretty easily.
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    i would definately suggest getting tcpmp. its free and works great on my centro (did on my 600 and 680 as well). PQDVD is a good media convertor that you might also wanna check out. (I have numerous movies on my 4gb SD card because of it!)
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