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    i had like 200 in inbox and like 3000+ in sent messages never had any froze took battary out wen i put it back in noticed my entire sms area was wiped out, what the hell would casue this? any way to get them back bsides my last sync weeks ago?
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    It sounds like your messenging database got corrupted and rebuilt. Do you use backup software like NVBackup? Is so, restore the database from there. There is no reason to not do a nightly backup. It helps with not only problems like these but can restore your phone when you try a new program that really causes problems.
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    u know its funny i use to have 700p back when and had the best backup software since than i changed computers...i have nothing i don't even remember the name of the one i used but it was like one of the best it backed up everythingggggg there one u might be able to share with me
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    NVBackup. free and backs up everything. Nice selective restore.
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    also wholeheartedly agree with cavingjan on using NVBackup.

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