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    I've got a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter ( to listen to the music with my headset, and it works very well in stereo as well as answering a phone call, but I suddenly found a big problem with it. When I play music with pTune with the 2.5mm adapter plugged in, the phone's speaker also plays the music, as without my headphone plugged in! The music is also available from my headset. This is a big noise to other people in the same office with me. Does anyone notice this? How can I turn off the sound emitting out from the phone speaker, while keeping the sound out from the headset only.

    I try to place my centro in vibration mode, it stops the phone speaker AND the headset. When I turn the volume to the minimum, and the headset volume goes to the minimum TOO!

    This is just terrible!
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    Interesting. I know my two different headsets work differently.

    My normal headset auto directs all sound perfectly when it's plugged in, whether or not the ringer switch is turned on or off.

    My Seidio 2-in1 earphones acted similarly to what you said.

    It would play some sound through my speaker, and some through my earphones. Music would play through the earphones, but system sounds and incoming calls would go through the speakers... it was odd.

    After installing Freedom, it made my earphones follow whatever the ringer switch said. If the ringer was on, all sounds (music, system sounds, and ringtones) would come through the earphones. If the ringer was off, no sounds would play through the earphones (Or the speakers either.)

    I got Freedom so that I could pause and fast forward pocket tunes tracks using the answer/hang up button on my earphones, but it should solve your problem if you have some normal earphones you really love.

    Edit: I forgot to say that Freedom conflicts with Alerts of a lot of programs. It cuts the midi's short. Toccer, Mundu, Bulter, Ringo, incoming text message... they're all cut short. The only midi that's long enough that I have is Chirp. Which I actually found out that I like. But it's something to keep in mind. (I've switched over to MP3 alarms because of this.)
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    Sounds like the build specs of your adapter were not precise enough. I had a similar situation with an adapter and basically the plug wasn't lining up with the contacts inside the phone perfectly. When twisted in one direction speaker went on but when twisted other way headphones turned on.

    The fix was simply to get another adapter which my store swapped out for free.

    Also, apparently there are 2 versions on the market that look the same but have tiny variation on the plugs which make them compatible with different phones. So for instance, the motorola version wouldn't work for me but the O2 version did. Both plugged in without problems and are 2.5 to 3.5 adapters with mic.
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    I tried to twist the adapter a little bit, and the speaker went off.

    Thanks a lot!
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    I am having the same problem and it is driving me crazy. I have the Boxwave Dual Handsfree Stereo Headset that worked fine with my Treo 700p. It plays music just fine on my Centro, and I can take calls in my headset, but system sounds such as ringtones ONLY play through the actual phone... It is pissing me off!

    I just got off the phone with VZW tech support, and the guy had me on hold for a long time while he discussed it with his supervisor. His supervisor said that the Centro was not designed to play system sounds through the headset... only calls and music... which I think is bull, since I can hear all the beeps and such as I switch from app to app... but I do not gate any alert sounds (message/voicemail/etc. notification, ringtones, etc.) though the headset. Has anyone else heard this?!

    If this is true, that has to be one of the stupidest design decisions I have ever heard of!

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