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    I have a customer who previously was using his personal Palm 700P, with Palm OS on it. He had his own contact list and calendar.

    Then he requested that we set him up on our Good server to get his outlook email. As soon as Good was installed, it became the default contacts, and his Treo contacts is now buried in the menus. He previously had the Treo contacts set up as a button in his favorites, when he pressed the phone button. Now the Good contacts show up. I tried a bunch of different things, but we could not get his Treo contacts to show up -- it's like Good has taken over, and will not let you do anything with the old treo contacts.

    Currently, I have him using a work-around. He hits the home button, then goes down to the the Treo contacts, and makes calls from there -- it's easy, but he still wants to make a favorites button to get to it, so he just hits the phone button, and selects number like he used to.

    Is there a way to do this?

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    Hi sweet pea,

    1. Download FileZ (if you haven't already). It's free.
    2. Use FileZ to locate the file "GoodAddressBookApp.prc" on the Treo and then delete it.

    After you remove that file, the Palm contacts database will revert back to the default. But what's cool is that you can still utilize the Good Mobile Messenger contacts database linked up to your work's exchange server (or whatever they use). So you can still search for a corporate contact that may not be in your default contacts. You would just launch a Good application (like email or calendar) and then go to the Good contacts through there.

    Hope this helps!

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