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    GoTreo Software is about to start developing for Windows Mobile devices! We would like to gather a list of projects that are most needed by the WinMo community. What would you most like to see added to WinMo? We want our first application to be one that appeals to the largest number of people.

    Can you please EMAIL your suggestions to:


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    I notice you code LauncherX. You could code a start menu replacement that combines the style of e.g. the iPhone with the practicality and speed of the start menu, while still providing quick access to your most recently used apps. I would hope such an app would leave the today screen alone, but act as a direct replacement for the start menu, e.g. when you press the windows button or press on the windows flag onscreen, you get taken to your app and interface. Preloading the icons so the interface would load speedily would be desirable.

    Porting the start menu system on WM 6.1 standard to WM Professional may be a good start. Whatever you do should work just as well with they keyboard and d-pad as with touch.

    Ideally it should provide quick assess to the control panel applets also.

    Again, I hope whatever you code is stylish,but still preserves the speed of the interface and the functionality.


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