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    Here's some useful information I'd like to pass on: while on a long road trip recently I inadvertently put my Treo 680 into a cup of tea, covering much of the keyboard. Tea was running out of it, and it was pretty dead. When I got to my friend's house, he brought out a big bowl of raw rice and buried the phone & battery in it overnight. By morning, the rice had helped draw the moisture out of the Treo, and it started right up and has been working fine ever since!
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    Was the rice cooked or uncooked? What type of rice was it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by E2EK1EL View Post
    Was the rice cooked or uncooked? What type of rice was it?
    The rice was raw=uncooked. It's the same principle that holds when people put rice grains in their salt shakers to keep the salt flowing--the rice absorbs moisture. As for what kind, I didn't see a brand, and it appeared to be the typical long grain white rice that we often have in our cupboards (like Carolina Rice). I don't think it matters if it is arborio or jasmine, etc. so long as it is uncooked rice.
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    Good to know Padmapada! Thanks for that tip!

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    You can also use the packets that come in your new shows. Those ones that say "DO NOT EAT". They do the same thing.
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    You can also use the crystal type of cat litter (not the crystal / clumping blends). The crystal cat litter is 100% silica gel and will suck the moisture out of just about anything.
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    I think I know Silica
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    Don't mix your rice, sneaker silica, and cat litter. Your risotto will give you quite a tummy ache!
    -- Josh
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    When all else fails try: Pocket PC Techs. They got my 680 up and running after a (strangely similar) head first Tea "encounter". They are not cheap, but they were responsive and I really do think I got excellent service and a good value.

    And thanks, but I'll pass on the Risotto...

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