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    I am quite frustrated. After buying a card reader and SD card, I downloaded the updater for palm 680 so that I could download new ringtones. I don't know how to get the MP3 file that I opened as an attachment as a ringtone. I tried doing through the Blazer browser but after choosing "Go" from the dropdown menu, there was no option to "open file". Is there any other way of doing it?
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    Use your cardreader to put the mp3 into a folder called AUDIO on your SD card. Then use freeware minitones (link below) to extract a section of the mp3 and place it into your ringtone library.
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    minitone is da bomb! After converting the mp3 to midi ... you can BT it to any phone and it works. I pretty much should start selling them, a dolla a ringtone!
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    Thanks for the help but I am pretty technologically inept. Do I make a folder "Audio" on my card first? Can you give me a little more detailed instruction. I just bought the card reader and am unsure of how to do very much with it.
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    Inset card into card reader. Plus card reader into usb port on computer. Goto My Computer and find the card. Open the card. Right click and select new -> folder. Type Audio for the name.

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