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    Hey can someone run by me how your supposed to install the JVM I cant find the tutorial for it since I need to reinstall after my phone was replaced(thanks sprint insurance )

    I have the folder with all the files I just need to know which ones to install on the the centro
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    Second the question - switched out faulty Centro, everything was fine.
    All backed up. Went to Mini and said need JVM.
    Before it showed on preferences, now nothing is showing. Went to Delete Apps, only shows 6 programs
    j9 Java launcher
    j9 Java VM Midp20_sh_ . . .
    J9MS 12061062481880
    j9RMS 1204 . . .1900
    j9RMS 1204,..2701
    Java VMCheck_en
    When I checked, it shows new version with a LOT of different options to download.
    Which ones do I need, and I do appreciate the help
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    You need to hotsync, not copy the two files below to your device:


    When the 2 files above are hotsynced, 8 more Java files will be created in the RAM.....


    Try hotsyncing the 2 files above to your device RAM. The copy process from backup got screwed up apparently.

    If hotsyncing the 2 files and overwriting the existing files won't work, delete the existing files and re-sync the 2 files above.

    I never had a problem with the Java files with Resco Backup.

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    Please disregard above, I got it fixed.
    Still don't know what all the files are, but I had saved JVM to destop.
    Went back, reread documents, and reloaded specified files, didn't delete anything, and it just worked.
    Don't understand, don't care, just read, there are a bunch of files, different languages, different needs (again no idea) but directions are a thing of beauty:
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    Still having fits with this - Java just disappears. Went back and reloaded from desktop via syn.

    Now I have 9 files, two big ones taking up lost of space
    J9 Java Launcher 943K
    J9 MIDP Bundle 725K

    Have J9 Java BMMidp 20...zh is this a foreign language

    Also shows two IBM Java VM, one at 43k the other at 21K - are these double loaded something?

    Then, in Preferences, I have a new app under Other, along side IBM Java VM
    This is J9 Java Options (which shows I can load other Java applications, etc.)
    Do I need this? Is this part of huge space above?

    At this point Opera is working fine again, just want to keep RAM cleaned up so doesn't slow phone down and don't know why I keep getting more things.

    Sorry for long question, but easier to include all of it. If you answer, can you answer specific questions so I can address each one as needed? Thanks
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    You are experiencing the Java disease. Yes, it takes memory and those pesky little files just keep coming back. the ZH thing is a language file, just use the one for your language, which if English is J9JavaVMMidp20.prc. You need the options thing for your fine tuning before you delete Java and give up on it.

    I hate being negative about Java; I really do. I first started playing with it a couple of years ago and liked what I saw, which were only games and Opera. A few more things came out and so on. However, I noted that with Java installed, I was using more memory and having to spend more time keeping the device clean. After a while the newness wore off, the resets with Opera became more than I was willing to put up with and I spent the day getting rid of Java and giving it a decent burial.

    Is it fun? yes. Is it interesting? yes. Is it worth it? Not to me.

    Good luck.

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