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    Any help is appreciated! I am using the Centro for AT&T with Takephone version 7.55. Everything is working fine so far except for one major issue that is bugging me. Every time I get a phone call from people that are in my contacts it does not display who is calling, instead it will display "california" for everyone who calls that's in my address book. Is anyone else having this issue and does anyone have a resolution?

    Thank you!
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    Does the number match exactly how you have it in the contact (AKA area code included)? You didn't install the Caller Location program that someone just posted recently, did you?
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    Yes I have the area codes and the numbers are the same and I did not install the caller location program, should I install that?
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    No. (Just checking since that was a feature of that program.) What service are you with?
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    I'm with AT&T but I also have Good Link so I'm wondering if that is causing the issue but that didn't happen when i was using the treo 680.
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    Does caller ID work if you don't use Takephone?

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