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    I have a Treo 700p. I used the camera. I now have an SD card and pictures taken since that are saved on there.

    I am trying to move the pictures on the Treo itself to the SD card and even if I try to move 1 picture it says "Not Enough Memory". Both the Treo and the card have sufficient space.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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    Have you tried copying anything else to the card? Is the card formatted?
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    I noted that I had sufficient space on the card. The card has some pictures (because I now have the camera put the pictures on the card) and I also use CallRec and recorded calls go to/are on the SD card.
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    This is interesting. Can you answer the following?

    - How big is your SD card?
    - what are you using to move the files?

    I had some problems with my SD card and Ptunes a while ago. How I solved it was moving everything out of my SD card (into my laptop), plugging the empty SD card back in the Treo, and then moving folders back one by one. Every time I moved one folder I'd stick it to the phone and let it detect the folder available. Perhaps if the card gets crowded after a while the Treo cannot keep up with the indexing and just gives up. Anyhow, the manual file transfer solved my problem.
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    It's a 1GB SD card and I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near full. I has some photos on it and some calls recorded with Call Rec. I'll try moving them off somewhere and copying the photos in and let you know how it goes, thanks.

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