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    Where to download Palm Desktop for Centro? Is there any method to install software without using the Palm Desktop? Is it possible to install palm software from memory card like in Pocket PC where you can install .cab software from memory card? What is the software installation executable for Palm? I know that for Pocket PC is .cab what about Palm.
  2. #2 - do a search for the desktop. You can use an application similar to PInstall (Google is your friend). PRC. You can also Bluetooth it to the device.
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    Besides the desktop method, you can copy the files to your card and then, using the file manager, copy them to RAM.
    You can also email the files to yourself or install OTA. Versamail has a built in unzipper so the prc files can be zipped. For installing zipped prcs over the air, you will need something like HandZipper lite (free). With regular prcs you can just download and run.

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