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    Ok so it's not technically wifi from the Treo but Wifi sharing with my Powerbook thru Bluetooth.

    I just tried this with my PB and I got to tell you we are missing a lot on the mobile experience without this wifi thing! It just blows man! My 755p handled it very well, and so blindingly fast! Youtube videos thru Coreplayer played instantly! Checking my email did not even last 2 seconds!

    If this was a preview of how it is to finally have Wifi on our Treos, then i am sold!! I'll pre-order now!

    *added the word shared on my title i have a feeling i'd get burned if i didnt.
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    Ok I'll bite, how did you do this? I've wanted to play around with the internet on my 750 just to see how it is but I don't have a data plan. I've got a mac with bluetooth so this may be a great way to try it.
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    i dont know how it is with a winmob phone.

    but on a Palm OS Treo, setup a new connection under "Connections" in the Prefs menu. setup a bluetooth connection between your Treo and Mac. Pairing is fairly straightforward. Then go to the Network menu, create a new network.

    Service: whatever you want to call it.
    Connection: BT to Mac (or whatever name you called it in the step above)
    username: used my home folder username on my mac
    password: my user password in mac
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    got ya i missed the fact that you have a Palm OS Treo. I'll do some digging and see if I can figure it out on Win Mobile. Oh well at least I am able to sync my address book/calendar without having to pay (thank you syncmate!)

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