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    I've got a new MacBook with Leopard. I'm currently using my 755p as a modem (USBmodem with cable paying for phone as modem).

    They're charging me $15 for my internet on my phone + $25 for the PAM (total=$40).

    But if I want a USB EVDO Modem for my MacBook they want $60 a month for it (plus they'd still want $15 for my phone).

    They're actually encouraging me to not buy a USB EVDO Modem. Is anyone getting a separate modem for cheaper? Or is there a SERO modem plan?

    I'm interest in this because when I use co-workers they seem to have higher uploads speeds (newer models I've been seeing 300-ish) and consistently high download (generally not much higher than I get on a good day, 1000-ish).

    If I could get one for $40 a month, I'd be tempted (I think I could get them to lower my price for my internet on the phone), but $60 seems cRaZy....

    Looking for tips and tricks for a better rate for this.

    FYI - I'm already on a decent plan (1000 min for $40 w/ FIFM, sprint to sprint, 7pm nights. No roaming. $15 data + $25 PAM. Plus some loyalty discounts 20% and education discounts %14. Total after discounts is about $67 a month).

    Any thoughts?
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    AT&T has a USB modem with rebate (to cover cost of USB device) and then $60 a month for unlimited internet.
    I'm sticking with my Sprint Treo 755p (w/ modem hack) for $80 a month for unlimited internet ($15) and text ($15) 300 anytime and free incoming ($49).
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    carlnunes, your "watch this before posting" is a scream!!! Should be a sticky at the top of EVERY forum.

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    Three words come to mind: Tethered Mode Hack

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