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    Here is the first mistake I made when syncing my Treo, I set it up to sync with my Outlook. Is there any way to change that? I have searched an can not find it. Also, I have a LOAD of "unassigned" contacts from my Outlook client, is there anyway to mass delete just those in that group without deleting the other 683 contacts I have?

    Thanks much!
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    i dont have an answer for you ... after 2 years that has been my worse nightmare - syncing with outlook, i had years and years of contacts that are old, duplicate whatever - certainly not everything i wanted on my treo ( yeah i know i wasnt thinking when i first got my new toy and syncd! )

    i finally had to set my contacts to never sync after spending a couple ( or more! ) hours one day cleaning up my treo contacts

    good luck!
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    sort your contacts in Outlook by category and delete all of the unfiled. You can use shift or ctrl to select multiple entries.
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    Use the install disk and re-install. You will have the option to select Outlook or Palm Desktop.

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