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    I'm using an old application called PowerRUN that allows me to load applications onto the microSD card and run them to save internal memory. is anyone running a newer application to accomplish the same thing?
    Mark Bergman
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    A lot of apps will load properly off the card just through a 3rd party launcher (Treo Launcher, Zlauncher, etc)
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    Thanks- good to know. I've never felt compelled to go to an alternate launcher. I'll look to the launcher threads that I've skipped over.
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    Mark Bergman
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    TreoLauncher rules! Very much like the default launcher looks wise but with far more options (calendar on the today screen, wallpaper, running apps from card, support for custom icons, etc.)
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    I am also using TreoLauncher. It works well for me. It is always a personal preference on apps. You should download trials of several and pick the one that is best for you. I have also tried LauncherX which I didn't like all the goofy tabs.
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