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    I was sitting in Barnes & Noble and had to get my phone out. As I did, I realized I had my keys in the same pocket. I felt the keys slide against the phone. I paused and held my breath. "Please no, please no." I say. And well, I looked at the screen and lo and behold it was there. A nice little scratch... in the middle. My heart sank. It feels tarnished now . So yea, I'm mildly pissed off. I've had the phone since January. Not a single thing went wrong that whole time. Damn .

    And my day is ruined...

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    When I get my Centro, first thing I'm putting on is another screen protector over the "built-in screen protector" which obviously can be scratched and not easily replaced. In fact, I will "Invisible Shield" my Centro like I did with my 700p!
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    Stop putting anything in your pocket with it! Or use a case!

    I would advise against putting your beloved devices in pockets. I used to carry my 600 & 700 naked in my pocket - somehow dirt and or dust gets under the digitizer over time. Impossible to take off without risk of damaging the LCD. I have since used a horizontal case for the 755 - over nine months and the screen is still perfect (knocking on wood).
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    My Centro came from the factory with a screen protector already on it. Are you sure its the screen, and not a protector that got scratched?
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