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    A week ago my 755p died; it was only 4 months old. I got a new one after a couple of days - the VW people were very helpful! (Warning - Treo withdrawal is intense!) The old one was backed up on my Mac, so I synced the new one - and I got an installer file I cannot delete.

    I love playing Bejewelled, and wanted to install it on the machine. I got the application AND an installer file; I can't delete the installer file! I deleted the app, thinking they were interfering with each other, but no luck. Tapping it doesn't install the app - aaargh!

    I don't want to do a hard reset just to delete the darned thing. Any ideas?
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    I thought the 755 came with Bejelewed as a native game? Hmmm............. maybe why you can't delete it. Do you have FileZ installed? If not, install that (it's a free app) and see if the installer is in ROM, if it is - you can't delete it.
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