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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum and was hoping you guys can help me out? I am looking for some Vehicle Management Software that will work on my Palm Centro. Since I don't know the version number of the operating sytem, that is why I say I have a Centro, becuase I use it and love it. :P

    Looking for software that caters to the car enthusiast and also to the same enthusiast that like to modify thier cars too.

    Alright, here is the deal. Let's just say I am alittle geeky. But when I was younger, my dad made me always write down how much I spend on gas, how many gallons went in and how many miles it took before filling up. Then he made me put all my numbers into a spreedsheet and after time I had over a few hundred entries. He made the spreadsheet produce graphs showing which gas gave me good gas mileage and which gas that did the opposite.

    Also, my dad made me keep all my service records and made me track my oil changes etc... It's been 15 years, my dad pasted away and I don't have the old spread sheet any more.

    I was hoping that VAD mobile could do this, but I haven't heard back from them. But aside from a Diagnostic Tool, are there any programs that you guys have used that does what I am talking about, BUT go above and beyond that, like tracking engine mods with gas milage, track days with wear and tear and so on???

    If not to much to ask, maybe just programs out there that you guys use and recomend for anu vehicle management.

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    AutoFile Plus...

    Will do everything you want. Will remind you after certain time or miles (based on your gas entries) to change your oil etc.

    You can also add whatever info you want in memos. I.E. wish lists for mods, insurance info vin # etc

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    Oh and I forgot...

    Best of all there's a desktop companion. It akes it so much easier to set everything up on the desktop then sync over.
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    How about VehicleManager?....also with a desktop companion.

    (scroll to the bottom for bundle pricing)
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    check auto buddy out, best part is its free,350.html

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