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    Has anyone noticed that their service is not as good with the T680 as your old phone? In other words, are you still able to get reception in places you got reception earlier?

    I have T-mobile, and I used to have a v195. I live in the country, so there were places that I could not get reception before (indoors in certain areas, basements, etc.), but I was always able to get reception outside and at home.

    Now, however, I find that I am unable to get reception in several places and even at home. My wife has a Moto Razr and doesn't have trouble.

    Other than getting a $200 booster for my home, is there any option I have?
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    They are not the best as a phone. In areas of weak signals and in and out of weaker areas you can easily get dropped call. It happens to me frequently along a transit route. Nearly every other phone I have tried holds up better. I have tried at least 12 (four of them Treo both 650 & 680). They don't switch to a new cell quick enough either and the delay can cause dropped calls.

    As for a solution. You have to use something else. I also have a Blackberry curve 8310 and it is superior as a phone with an ok PDA etc.
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    I have noticed no reception problems with my 680. It is as good if not better than my 650 in terms of reception, and of course, talk/listen volume is better, too. It's been so long since I've had a non-Treo phone, I really don't remember what reception could be on another phone. I will say that I get much better reception than the local Verizon cellphone users around here. No complaints here.
    -- Josh
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    My 680 beats all three of my previous 650s "like red headed step children" in comparison. Better than my wife's RAZR too. Radio electronics are light years ahead in the 680. Maybe yours has a particular issue? Although, I've heard others complain as well.
    Patrick Horne
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    Well I gather it depends on the network and the signal levels you have. Here on Rogers its all over the place. They claim to have the fewest dropped calls. But If I had a dollar for every dropped call in a week. it would pay for the cell bill. For your note. I have used the the 650, tried a 680 (two different ones), not better and various other phone including the Blackberry 8310. The 8310 is better much better at holding the call. As for the Treo, I like the 650 over the 680 so I am selling it instead of the 650. I don't need that many phones. I tend to upgrade often anyway.

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