I had a branded Orange UK Treo 650 and have switched networks and wanted to get rid of all the branding and return to the "native" Treo650 phone screen which I heard was much better... and indeed it is!!!

I updated the phone using the 1.23 ROW updater - I won't post details here now but I will if asked - and on the whole it's worked really well and pretty much everything works fine. However, where FIND used to display calendar dates on the right hand portion of the screen, it no longer does so.

I've noticed that my version of the Calendar app has reverted to v1.2.1 when it was previsouly v1.2.3 and I'm wondering if the "no dates" was an earlier bug (there's lots of threads about it!) that was fixed by v1.2.3.

I know I can fix the FIND dates issue by using Datebook5 or 6... etc. but I quite like the "simple" calendar and just want to try and get my FIND dates back.

Does anyone know how/if the native calendar App can be upgraded?

Many thanks in advance.