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    blazer seems slow and a burden.

    mini opera has alot of issues and not to user friendly.

    anyone have any good recomendations?

    i am used to windows mobile which has faster browsing
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    Blazer tends to be the best bet still from what I've seen.

    When Dmitry patches the palm JVM then Opera Mini might be more usable.

    You can use lightspeed to OC Blazer, that plus a high cache limit speeds up blazer pretty good.
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    with the program Uncache Blazer works well.
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    I like Xiino the best. It's 2 or 3 times faster than Blazer. But I think it's no longer available for sale, the site is down (Mobirus). Haven't even try Opera for 2 reasons. I don't want to install Java, and it seem to have a few problems.

    Xiino is fast, stable (no crashes at all) and simple. I especially like how you can hit the back (and foward) button and it goes back instantly, without the eteeeeeeernal blazer-page-refreshing. Down side is, layout is a bit on the ugly side, it can't download some pages (just a few, and I can't explain the reasons, I know sh*t on web tech) and it doesn't always trigger media players (such as Kinoma) when clicking on a/v links, like Blazer does.

    I typically use both browsers. I use Xiino full time and Blazer only when Xiino can't handle something.
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    Xiino is pretty fast, but it isn't compatible with as many sites.

    Also if you visit graphic heavy sites it usually ends up being a bit slower.
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    so far operas latest beta has been the moost stable so far. I set high res coords double buffering and set the mem to 4 and the stack to 4 and seems to be the best setting for me so far. I can browse continously for abour 20 minutes before it freezes. Its funny though cause if I let the Treo fall asleep and the screen goes off every 10-15 minute si can surf fo over an hour without freezing. It was mentioned the problem was with ibm java not doing well with the connection and causing freezes and I have to agree.

    On a sad note.......I too am waiting to see if Dmitry will actually post up his modified java.
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    It sucks because otherwise JVM won't get updated and JVM is just crap for Palm...

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