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    Hey guys, had a question regarding this software.
    I use it to pull e-mails from my verizon account which it works fine.

    Only issue i have is that it sometimes (50/50) doesn't pull entire message. I don't get a "Message Truncated" or anything, it just seems to download the first line (subject) of the e-mail and cut it short without any warnings. The e-mails are short and do not go over the size. My options are set to receive the entire e-mail message every time. And my size limit is set to max 5120. If i choose to download rest of msg it works fine.

    Anyone of ideas to why this happens? I thought maybe it was due to certain e-mail addresses but this is not the case.
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    Who is your email provider? There have been several reports of this type with Versamail trying to access Gmail IMAP accounts.
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    for a discussion of the gmail issues see the Centro Versamail post that's at the top of this folder but skip to the last few posts.

    Also sometimes in prior versions of Versamail it was easier to re-create the account and delete the older version than to troubleshoot the old version

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