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    I have had a small number of 700 and 755 Pís due to technical issues and I noticed the manufacturing quality is very inconsistent. I had one where you almost had to hit the center button on the 5 way navigation with a hammer to get it to work. One VZN technical person told me there was nothing wrong with it even though he acknowledged it was tough to press. A second tech support a few days later ordered a new phone on the spot. I had another phone where you could not tell if you pressed the center button hard enough (there was no click so I tended to push it several times which itself caused other problems). I am sure you can all appreciate that you want the center button to work properly.

    I had another phone where the keys in the upper right side (P, O, L, etc.) were impossible to press. I had to hold it with 2 hands to engage them and it actually hurt my fingers. They did not click either when they finally engaged. The one I have now is good so I hope nothing happens to it where I will need a new one. I cringe each time I have technical issues with these phones because I am afraid of what I may get.

    I know the manufacturing is outsourced offshore but the build quality seems very inconsistent and quite frankly borderline horrible.

    Just curious if anyone has had similar experiences?
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    The key for letter "O" on mine has the hard-to-press-and-no-click problem. But that's the only letter, and it's not THAT hard, so I can live with it.

    Although I know some posters that I won't mention (not you) would go: OH MY GOD!!! THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!! ... for the very same issue I'm experiencing.
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    I've had my 755p (Sprint) for months and game on it a lot and navigate with hotkeys all the time. No buttons or dpad problems at all.

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