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    I have my Sprint 755p set up to sync w/Outlook on an XP PC. I also have get push email thru Web2Mail. My local Hotsync will not copy/sync my contacts or calendar with my phone even though it will allow me to add/install mp3s, new software, etc.

    I tried uninstalling then reinstalling to use Palm Desktop via CD-- checked the right box as to which conduits, etc-- checked Hotsync prefs each time to insure synch was set instead of "do nothing"-- made no difference--still no joy. Did it again to reinstall Outlook conduits--still no joy. Web2mail Support says all my settings are correct on their end for me to be able to sync locally via Hotsync.

    Any advice/help deeply appreciated....

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    What version of outlook do you have installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM View Post
    What version of outlook do you have installed?

    Outlook 2003 w/SP2. Worked well for a while but quit a while back.... maybe about the time I installed Treo update but not sure.

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    local sync of contacts and calendar are disabled when you use Web3Mail. You should set up your Outlook to sync with Web2Mail. The setup should be Treo/Centro <-> Web2Mail <-> Outlook. That is the point of an exchange server.

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