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    ..found here.

    I like the idea of customizable, since I can't find a stock case that comes close to what I want. I also think that their Nubuck brown is the nicest looking brown I've seen on any case anywhere.

    Basically, I'm wondering about the fit and the quality. I read an old post around here from someone who got the horizontal Fortte case and that the fit wasn't snug. But this is the vertical case, and I'm pretty sure they didn't offer this case back then, so I'm hoping it's more of a custom fit.

    I also wanted to know how the Metallic Lock Clip is. I got that one because I hate how much the 360 swivel clips stick out. This one swivels (so I can turn the case horizontally and have the phone come out the front), but it's low-pro-file and bound in leather. The leather bound clips on all of my crappy generic cases eventually tear and expose the metal, so I'm hoping this is of a higher quality (it should be, considering how much more expensive it is).

    Anyway... just wondering if anyone has tried this one and has any thoughts on it.

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    I have been using a custom-ordered black Forrte 755p veritical pouch case for about 4-5 weeks now.

    I custom ordered mine b/c I wanted no frills whatsoever--no logo, no belt clip--and just a sturdy,protective leather pouch I could carry in my pocket (NOT on my belt).

    Overall, it's the best Treo case I've ever used or owned, but I am a bit disappointed at the quality for the price. The leather itself is excellent, but the stitching and glue leave a bit to be desired. I'm already having areas deteriorate where the interior felt is glued onto the leather shell, and it's never been dropped or gotten wet etc.

    Another drawback was the amount of time it took to built my case and ship it was also excessively long IMO (4 weeks plus).

    But on my 755p the fit is VERY and it seems extremely protective. I like how I can insert my Treo with the screen facing inward or outward and still have a perfect fit. It also slips in and out of my pocket easily. The top flap clasp is also very study and solid feeling. I imagine the Centro version of this case would be equally good.
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    I spend as much $$$ on cases or more than most people. I have finally found a GREAT fit, a Smartphone Experts SidePouch and a Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case. They fit great together. The thing I like about the SidePouch is that it is made for the Centro. It has a cut out for the speaker. They also make the Top Pouch with cut ou for ths speaker. It's easy to hear it ring, no muffled sound.
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    My Centro is housed in the standard Palm leather horizontal case.

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