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    An annoying problem has just recently started when a reset is done:
    A series of two high pitched beeps go off as the phone wakes up and starts to connect during Network Search. Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it from making this beeping noise? Thanks.
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    I solved my problem. I had some applications that were not getting along with other and had to banish them: Beta Version 4.07 of Phone Technician (went back to the stable 3.01 version), Reset Doctor (that program has always caused more problems than it ever solved), and an older program called Stop Dim.
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    Interesting! If you haven't already, please let Rob know about this problem on his web forum at,17.0.html

    The 700p v1.10 Sprint firmware does something similar. You get a series of 3 beeps when it drops and another 3 when it reinitializes the network, but not all the time. If you've got headphones on it will even throw in a louder, higher-pitched beep, like someone blowing a whistle directly into your ears. But I don't think this is related to any 3rd party apps.

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