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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo Musketeers View Post
    Rob Johnson (HobbyistSoftware)

    Reset Doctor
    Phone Technician
    Power Hero (through Dan)

    Alex Pruss

    Many others

    Jan Slodicka (Resco)

    Resco Explorer
    Resco Backup
    Resco Viewer
    Resco News
    Resco Soduku
    Tks TM
    iPhone 4S
    Former Treo & Storm Owner
    Cigar Lover
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Bergman View Post
    It seems that Jeff responded to my inquiry (just got his follow-up minutes ago), but his message was lost in the ether. ...not in my spam filter!I'm not sure how this thread got bloated to bring in all sorts of other developers, but let's close this one out.
    Thanks for posting Mark. As it turns out, we did respond to your initial email within 60 minutes of it landing in the GoTreo support email box. Somehow the email got lost in cyber space.

    I can see why Mark was frustrated. He just got a new Centro and now it is causing problems. He searched out a solution and it did not tell him why the device was behaving correctly. Then he reaches out to GoTreo support for help. We respond but he never gets the response. His Centro is hanging and SafeGuard is not directly telling him the problem. This is a perfect example of why I created the service offering called SafeGuard LIVE! SafeGuard is collecting valuable data and this data can be used to help diagnose the cause of the crash. SafeGuard's other features like Quarantine and the Performance log are other useful tools to identify the cause of the problem. We will use all of this SafeGuard information to help identify the cause of the hangs.

    There are indeed times when emails get lost on my end or they are responded to later than I would like. We obviously try our best to minimize the number of times this happens. GoTreo takes support very seriously and we put far more effort into support than the cost of our software.

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