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    Hi. I'm trying to set up my 650 on Verizon, to get my yahoo email (2 accounts) and my work email (exchange server) sent to my phone. The data support people at Verizon stink and couldn't help me at all, but I know you folks can. I do not pay for any Yahoo premium service, but was told that should be OK???
    Using the Wireless Sync that came with the phone, am I correct that in order to get these emails from Yahoo and my Exchange server, that I need the PC to stay on? If so, how can I get these emails without leaving a PC on? (or is that only on Blackberry?) .. or Windows Mobile??
    Can somone please help, I need to get this access, without PC's being left on, but am confused beyond recognitiion. Thank you.

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    The only part I can offer any help on is the Yahoo Mail. I'm pretty sure that you need to pay for the premium services (or get them free through Verizon FiOS) in order to use Yahoo mail via pop.

    The server information I have is

    Incoming (POP3):

    Outgoing (SMTP): using SMTP port 587

    The "Account Name" does NOT have the "" on the end of it.

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