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    I got a Centro for my girl and while I was setting it up I noticed I could download MP3's as ringtones in Blazer.

    Now, I'm searching and searching and can't figure out which file to download so's I can get the Centro's version of Blazer on my 755p.

    Does anyone mind (re)posting the correct version of Blazer here and any info
    I need to get it running on the 755p?

    Thanks much!
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    I've gotten the Centro version of Blazer to install to the internal memory.

    I'm not sure if it uses it though. Web still reports the 755p version.

    So either it's using the Centro version of Blazer.prc and just reporting the web version from a different file, or it doesn't work.
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    So, can you download an mp3 as a ringtone?

    That would prove weather or not it's working.

    E-mail yourseld an MP3 and try and DL it in Blazer and see if you wouldn't mind.

    Also, Centro's Blazer is SMOKING fast while I creep along on the 755p version.

    Would you mind uploading the prc from the Centro blazer?

    Thanks man,
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    lightspeed and cleanstart is all u need for a very fast blazer- much better than centros blazer
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    Thanks for the info ted but speed insn't all I'm looking for in the update unfortunately.

    I REALLY like the feature of downloading MP3's as ringtones.
    This way I can run "stock" as I've noticed over the years third party apps KILL the palm OS. (I'm running a third party app to handle ringtones and most of the time I don't even GET my calls due to the apps).

    One more time, Blazer from Centro prc so I can run it on the 755p....


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    no centro blazer on my phone but Rob @ Hobbyistsoftware has updated Phone tech to use mp3's and says it avoids all the 3rd party issues with mp3's as ringtones.

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