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    My 700p is intermittently, but frequently, giving me broken sound when simply using it in the conventional way up to my ear. I recently noticed that the problem does not occur if I put the call into speaker mode. Its also independent of incoming or outgoing call. The sound is simular to this. The sentence, “Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow” sounds like “Ma_ ___ a __tle _am_ its fle__ __s wh__e as __ow.”
    Any advice is appreciated.
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    I have not experienced that particular problem, but I have had sound problems with the ear piece speaker. With the 700p is seems that dust can get into the 2.5mm jack and mess with the switch in there. I fixed my sound problems by blowing air into the jack or just plug in a headset a few times. Hope that helps.

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