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    I called Garmin today about my Nuvi 360 and was told there was a new BT update.

    I immediately installed it and my pairing became MUCH more stable--I was having freezes on the 700p requiring removing the battery at least half the time the phone and GPS would attempt to re-link.

    I haven't had a problem since.

    If you have a Garmin GPS definitely go to their site and update; newest for my unit is v. 3.10.

    Pair well, all.


    PS They also have a brand new a/o yesterday ability to download map updates for North America; if you have a young unit you may very well be eligible as I was for a free 2009 map version upgrade. Beware though, huge file, took 1 hour + to dl at cable speeds and same to load unit. Almost 2 Gb.
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    Thanks for your post! I installed the update and it seems to have resolved the issue with my Treo 700p locking up when pairing with my Nuvi 360.

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