Just got a used 650 locked (Cingular/AT&T) without the CD or manual. Downloaded a manual and Desktop but still have some questions. Although Iíve read many threads on ďNew & Prospective 650 Owners - Start HereĒ, the information is scattered and non-specific in some cases so thought Iíd use a new thread.
Iíd greatly appreciate anyoneís help/advice on how to proceed on several fronts, namely:
--- Do I buy/beg/steal a 650 CD or just download desktop ver 4.1.4e (which Iíve done but not installed) ? Assume either will allow me to transfer old records ? (Iíve got a ton of old contacts, etc from my Visor Deluxe and am using Desktop version 4.0.1 on my XP laptop).
--- Do I do a firmware upgrade first ? (how do I check the version Iíve got in case thatís already been done ? Previous owner had an IT guy and seller doesnít know whatís been done to it). Does this really help much ?
--- I plan on getting it unlocked soon for overseas usage, so should I get that done before anything else or does it matter ?

Not as important stuff:
--- Do I stay w/ AT&T ? Cell coverage is good but donít have fast broadband in my area. Maybe just stay w phone only and get the wi-fi adapter for web usage ?
--- Using a 64KB Sim card Ė much advantage in getting a larger one ?
--- How large an SD card will the 650 support in native state ? (I canít find anything on this in the downloaded manual)

The Treo is working fine. Iíve had it turned on and occasionally off for 3 days Ė works great, no freezes !!!. All software appears to be functioning (not sure about web browser as my plan is cell only). Iíve heard horror stories about such things, but forums like this convinced me a Treo was the way to go. So far I love it !

TIA !!!