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    I absolutely love my Centro (actually gave up my WX for it and could not be happier). But one thing that does bother me is the fact that when you get a Calender alert, the vibration only Occurs for a short period of time. Also, the vibration is just not as intense as my last phone. I would appreciate any feedback/workarounds that anyone may have. Thanks!
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    I suppose the lack of responses means there is no way to change this setting... someone could at least responded with such information...
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    Naw, we're just ignoring ya.....

    Just kidding! I'm not positive, but I think if you go to Preferences, select Sound & Alerts, you can select how many times the alarm Repeats. I'm not positive if this affects how long it lasts, but you can test it. I see nothing that affects intensity of the vibrate.
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    I use Butler and use the Attention Grabber Nag me feature to nag me about missed alerts. One time is good enough for me. After a text message or a missed call, butler gives me an extra nag (vibrate+sound).
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    I wanted my Centro to continue to nag me periodically if I missed a call, and found Attention Grabber. It can have the phone beep or vibrate periodically for missed alerts. It also can control the LED. Best part--It's freeware!
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    I'm with the OP, the vibrate is just not strong enough on this phone. It's my only gripe with it frankly, and a minor one at that.
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    I know this post is slightly off topic but that Attention Grabber program is really useful, and may be something a lot of Centro users are looking for. A simple app that has a choice of options; LED, vibrate and tone to nag for an alert. I havn't seen a program that does this yet for the centro.
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    Don't mean to necro a post. But rather then start a new one I did a search.

    Has anything changed in the last couple months with this? Coming from a LG NV that would literally shake itself off my desk. The centro is just so underwhelming. I have missed calls because of this as well. At work I really cant just leave the sound on.

    So has anyone found a way to extend the vibration?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjgmoney View Post
    I'm with the OP, the vibrate is just not strong enough on this phone. It's my only gripe with it frankly, and a minor one at that.
    I agree with you, I have come from a long line of Treo's and everything up to the Centro shook like a jack hammer. As far as I know, there is no way to increase the intensity of the vibration. I think they just put a weak unit inside the Centro.

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