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    I am getting this:

    "Chatteremail is connected to your server, but either your login credentials were rejected, or the "complete server folder name you are using does not exist on the server."

    Any ideas?

    My login is fine.. I have checked and rechecked it.

    I am using "inbox" as my folder name, I have no idea how to fine the "complete folder name"

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    I haven't got your answer, but I can at least let you know about a parallel thread on the ChatterEmail forum:

    good luck/swv
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    Have you tried using 'Inbox' instead of 'inbox'? Just a WAG
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    Still no luck...

    I had to fire-up Versamail... Arghhhhh. I wish I could get "chatter" to work for me as it seems so much better the Versa.

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