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    When listening to ptunes and a call comes in it automatically stops the music to take the call and resumes once you hang up. Same thing with a text it will stop the music and play my txt alert and until I reply or ignore the text it wont resume the music

    Is there a way to disable it so when I get a text it just keeps playing the music and does not play the text alert.

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    That's not normal. On mine, ptunes resumes play after the SMS alert (or other alerts). I don't have any non-native alert manager. Do you have a 3rd party app that is handling your alerts?
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    Check to make sure you have the latest version of pTunes - it should resume after the text alert sound.
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    it resumes after the txt but i want it to ignor the txt alert while playing so if im txt while lister to musice it doesnt keep starting and stoping.
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    That sounds like a feature request or a custom app...

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